Synopsis: Eksempler

Examples of different synopsis (Festen, Fucking Åmål, The Untouchables)

Christian, a charming and successful man in his late 30’s, is on his way to his father's 60th birthday. The entire family has gathered to celebrate the father on the family manor. It’s a big family and they all seems to enjoy themselves. Fine wine is brought out from the cellar and a lavish meal is cooking in the kitchen. It’s going to be a great weekend. Nothing is spared. The father is loved and respected by everyone it seems, until Christian is asked to say a few words…

The youngest sister has recently committed suicide and somewhere in the background it still hangs as a black cloud over the family, so the father asks Christian to say a few words about her to break the tension, which he is happy to do. He has already prepared something. He presents his father with the choice of two speeches, a green and a yellow. The Speech of Truth, the green card, is chosen. This turns out to be an interesting choice. This is the truth about how the father used his kids over and over again and Christian tells it as naturally as he would tell any story. The family is stunned… for a while, but then the party strangely continues. Christian is thrown out the door. No one believes him.

Christian is a man of will and with the help of some old friends in the kitchen staff, he struggles to convince the guests of his father's cruelty. He gets thrown out again, beaten up and humiliated. He’s about to give up more than once, before the father breaks down and shows his true self.

In the end the family seems to realize what’s going on. In dead of night Christian's younger brother, who has given him a hard time so far not believing him, points all his anger on the father and is about to kill him.

At breakfast the father assumes everything is back to normal, but something has changed. This is too big to repress and to his surprise the family rejects him. Christian has won. The father does however take the liberty of one small act of honour before he leaves. His final line is: “You fought well, my son”. Then he leaves, well knowing that this will be the last he sees of his family.

“Show Me Love” (Fucking Åmål) - synopsis ex.
Åmål is probably the most boring and insignificant town in the world. Usually, which means in the last 100 years, nothing ever happens here, but maybe it’s about to…

Agnes Ahlberg is not a popular girl. She’s not bad looking, she’s just one of those kids that gets on the wrong track in school and becomes the main target for bullying. Agnes is secretly in love with a girl from school, Elin. Elin is not exactly popular, but she has no trouble picking up guys. She’s however more focused on getting the hell out of Åmål before she’s bored to death. She’s almost up for any challenge coming her way and she doesn’t go easy on the booze when she’s partying.

For different reasons Elin and her sister ends up at Agnes’s birthday party as the only guests. Elin discovers a secret love letter with her name in it and puts two and two together. Her first reaction is to take the piss out of Agnes, but later that evening, Agnes and Elin have a girls' night out that ends with a kiss. This kiss becomes the beginning of the end.

Elin’s inner battle takes off. She’s confused. She tries to suppress the homosexual emotions and starts dating a guy named Johan all while ignoring Agnes. The bullying of Agnes increases in intensity. Her life is a misery, but when she couldn’t care less about Elin and has almost given up on her, she finally comes clean about her feelings and in the end, they walk hand in hand through the school, proud of who they are. Finally Elin shows Agnes some love.

"The Untouchables" - synopsis ex.
It’s Chicago in the 1920s. The Prohibititon is in effect, which makes the illegal market for hard liquor a profitable business to be in. It’s quickly taken over and controlled by the mob. On top of everything is the cold-hearted businessman and mob-leader, Al Capone. He is untouchable, but others are soon to be too.

Federal agent Elliot Ness is a newcomer at the Chicago Police Department, with the purpose of taking down Al Capone. He quickly realizes the extent of corruption among the crooked cops in the department and assembles a new team of mob-fighters, including the veteran patrolman, Jimmy Malone, who does not have a dishonest bone in his body. He introduces Ness to the Chicago underground and becomes his mentor and friend.

Al Capone pays no attention to the new enforcement, but when Ness and his team suddenly raid one of Capone's liquor warehouses and are named ”The Untouchables”, he gets pissed off. Now the real war begins. Ness has to bring his family to safety in another town. His newly arrived federal accountant is killed by Capone's prime hitman and so is his main witness, a captured gangster.

The effort seems meaningless at this point, but Malone finds the key to the puzzle, Capone's bookkeeper. Unfortunately Malone is killed before he can bring the bookkeeper in. This triggers Ness. He and the last member of his crew, George Stone, get hold of the bookkeeper and secure his witness statement in court, to bring Capone to face a 10 year sentence. Peace in Chicago is restored... for a while.

Written by Kim Blidorf