Hvordan lage en dokumentarpilot

If you have a good idea for a documentary film, and want to try to get funding, the best thing to do is to make a pilot.

A pilot is a short taste of the film you want to make. It should clearly introduce the feel of the film, a bit of the content, the main character(s) and how you want to tell the story – but it should not show too much. It is important that it shows your unique style, and that it makes people curious. In other words it should make the financier/producer trust your ability to make films. You need to prove yourself through your pilot, while it should make people want to see more.

There is no specific recipe for making a pilot, but it should not be too long, around 3 minutes are usually enough. The important thing is to show just enough to make the audience remember the idea - you are planting a seed!

What is important to consider when you make a pilot? Think about what makes your film unique, and what the selling points in it are. Then how can you include this in your pilot and make it fantastic. The quality of image, sound, editing should be as great as possible... and even a bit better than that.

Making a pilot is also a good way to get started on your project, and very often the footage you shoot for the pilot is also footage you can use in your film. This process also really makes you think about what you want to tell and how. It´s like warming up for the real thing!

When the pilot is made you can start showing it to producers. If it looks and sounds interesting they might want to help you make the film. It is also very important to have a good pilot if you plan to attend pitching sessions and competitions. Also if you go to festivals, bring dvd copies and hand them out to any producers you talk to.

Skrevet av Maida Hals